Briea! Our first Webber Township team member! There, she plays volleyball, is on the homecoming committee and was on prom court!

She’s a total people person and likes to work in groups!  In her free time, she likes to do makeup and go to the gym and better herself! Briea believes the “look good and feel great” motto. She loves getting in front of the camera to show off her confidence and happiness. I think I can work with that!

She is determined to excel in school by maintaining perfect attendance, a high GPA AND taking dual credit courses at a local community college! On top of being on the ball academically, she also just got a job a Subway! If you’re ever in need of a sandwich artist, she’s your girl!

Briea believes everything happens for a reason and I couldn’t agree more!

Ladies and Gentleman, Briea!

March 26, 2018

Seniors, Welcome to the Family

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