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It’s no secret to anyone that has seen or been in our house that it is teeny tiny! Obviously, we have hopes and dreaming of a bigger house with n extra little one (eventually) running around but for right now I’m trying to focus on loving this home and loving it well. With that being said, I decided to give the living room a seasonal spruce after my busy week!

This week after a crazy weekend I was feeling a little uninspired. I knew the temperatures were going to be cooling down but my house felt so…not cozy! Nothing a quick trip to Hobby Lobby couldn’t fix! (HA!)

So after I got the house all tidied up and ran into town and grabbed a few pieces that I fell in love with! Our coffee table is now Pinterest-worthy(ish) and I’m finally in the fall spirit!

I think my favorite part about decorating is that small changes go a LONG way!

What we got:

Galvanized tray (it says a set but I paid way less than that some hopefully I wasn’t supposed to get two)

Pinecone and acorn filler (inside a lantern we already had)
Potted faux fern
Chrome Acorn
Package of fall leaves x 2

Ceramic pumpkin

Whitewashed coasters



What we already had:

White Lantern


Photos and frames (wood ones were wedding gifts #targetislife, one white one we bought and one my husband picked up in a work giveaway)

Lamps (again with hobby lobby)

Side tables (hobby lobby)

Leaf candy dishes (christmas gift exchange)

Happy Harvest Jar ( Dollar General)

Black Coasters (they are actually chalkboard)

Both nest signs (Hobby Lobby)

White potted plant (IKEA)


NOT PICTURED (because I forgot)

Antique ladder blanket holder

Handcrafted wooden block pumpkins


Be on the look out for a little tour of our kitchen coming soon!


peep the cute little pup by the door! HA!


October 12, 2018

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  1. Edgarhead says:

    Looks Great!

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