Ever think that your big hunk of a purse is just a trash can? I can relate! Recently I was challenged to empty out my purse and get rid of any non-essential items. Most of what I threw away was trash, to begin with, but there were some things that made me question my life decisions…. like why were there two of my son’s socks in there? They didn’t even match, guys! Either way, my bag is clutter free for the time being and I thought it was a perfect chance to let you take a look inside and see how my purse works for me in this season of life (momming, running a business on the go, and being a work-from-home wife)! 

First, you have to know that my purse doesn’t always look this “empty”. I can’t couldn’t the times my husband has stared inside my bag in absolute horror at the sight of receipts, papers, and junk mail piled inside. I’m notorious for never putting things back where they belong so I’m really good at losing my keys, debit cards and anything else of importance. But I think Matthew would agree that I’m trying to improve and show some signs of promise that I might actually get my life together one of these days!

As you can see, I have quite a pen addiction! In my opinion, you just never know when you’ll need a bright colored ink to do some serious planning, note taking or even doodling! I’m currently obsessing over the InkJoy Gel Retractable Pen. But I don’t go anywhere without my Emily Ley Happy Stipe set by Pilot and my PaperMate felt pens from the Cultivate What Matters Shop. All three options are pictured above!

I also love having this travel pack of Kleenex with me at all times. You never know when those wonderful hormones are going to kick and in a tear-fest ensues (I’ll admit this, I’m a female, it’s fine). I also keep them close by because I do have a toddler who seems to ALWAYS be snotty or otherwise dirty!

This next one is totally random but whatever… I’m momming so hard these days. A few weeks ago Grayson came down with a yucky cold thing and we had holiday events planned that we decided we would go ahead and attend. So we packed all the things to make him comfortable. Ibuprofen was one of those things. It was so convenient that I have decided to keep in in my purse from now on. We don’t carry his diaper bag as much as we used to or it would probably just go in his bag.

Next up, my wallet, because well…duh… I need to carry that with me all the time. I used to hardly ever carry a purse and if I did, chances are that I had left this oh so important item at home. That was what Matthew fell in love with me for (total sarcasm, he hated it. HA!)

With working from home comes the fun stuff like running errands, paying bills that aren’t set up online. Which is why I have a gazillion checkbooks (some even empty) in my purse… one for the business and two for our personal spending. My biggest fear is going to write a check and not having a blank check!

On the right is my trusty lip color. It’s Urban Decay and goes with just about anything, WINNING! I always keep it in my purse because there is a pretty good chance that I haven’t done my makeup if I’m just running around town checking things off my to-do list. What to make that outfit look intentional? One quick swipe of this color and voila!

Ahhh… My Simplified Planner and mini notebook <3 It has been so stress-free to keep up with my planner so far this year and I have SIMPLIFIED to thank for that. No fuss, no extras. Just. Simple. That’s what I have been needing in life for the last several years! This planner gets filled out most evenings for the things I need to do the next day. If that includes me leaving the house for whatever reason, I take this bad boy with me. It just helps me stay on schedule and not forget anything on my list!

Good2Grow drinks have been pretty popular with my 20 mo. old! He is obsessed with MickeyMouse and PAW Patrol for the last few months so these are a go-to for when mommy needs to get things accomplished in public. These aren’t always in my purse but I did have an appointment that I needed to be at today and they kept him occupied!

While I haven’t used my sunglasses recently (thanks Midwest winters) I keep them in my bag just in case! And to be honest, if they weren’t in there I’d lose them or little man would have them destroyed! FUN FACT. I’ve only ever bought a pair of sunglasses that were over $20. They were Oakleys my freshman year of college. I still have them but looking back they are hideous and I wouldn’t be caught dead in them today. I prefer cheap ones (the ones in the picture are from ROSS and I got them for $5) because I lose them, they get scratched in my purse and now I have a toddler her loves to wear them and would probably break the expensive pair!

Not the most important but certainly needed, is the biggest container of gum I can find. I don’t have a “go to” flavor, just whatever the biggest is when I need new! This go round it was the Icebreakers Ice Cubes!

Obviously a HUGE part of my life in technology related so it is so important that I have my phone with me. Emails, client management software, photos, contacts…all stored in my iPhone. I love that if and when a client needs me, I’m available. I don’t ever leave the house without my iPhone!

Finally, You’ll likely find some odds and ends at the bottom of my purse too. A ticket stub (sporting event or movie) is likely. We recently painted our kitchen cabinets so I’m hanging onto those receipts so we can get a final total on the project and then this super cool Substitute ID that I have to carry on me when I am subbing at our area high school!

Well, that’s it, a quick rundown of all the things in my purse! Thanks for following along friends! How do you make your bag work for you! Share in the comments!

January 23, 2019


  1. Lexi says:

    Yikes I just glanced in my bag.. it’s in need of a good clean out! 😬

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