With wedding season around the corner, I thought I could help my 2019 brides with some common questions they have! That’s why I thought we’d use the next couple weeks to chat about some wedding “whys”.

Today is all about bridal details, one of my favorite parts of your wedding day! The styling, the colors, the pretty bling. It is all too gorgeous! More than that though, these details are so telling of the couple and what they find important! 

I wanted to share 2 reasons your details are so important!

 1. As a wedding photographer, details give me the opportunity to create images that represent you as a couple and the overall vision of your most special day. You’ve been planning for months. You’ve hand-selected flowers, colors, and shoes. It is my honor to capture all of those elements to tell your story. 

 2. More likely than not, your dress will be preserved or boxed up in some way. Your flowers will die or collect dust. Your invitations will get crinkled up and fade. But these photos will stand the test of time. They will be there to look back on and remember just how beautiful your day was. That is something so special. 


Below are 9 Details to include on your wedding day! (and don’t miss the bonus info at the bottom!) 


1. Wedding Dress & Veil (on a nice hanger)

2. Earrings and other jewelry 

3. ALL 3 Rings (engagement and both bands)

4. Invitation Suite (Invite, Info card, RSVP card, and Envelope)

5. Bouquet and boutonnieres 

6. Garter

7. Perfume

8. Shoes

9. Any other meaningful items





1. Talk to your florist and ask for some loose blooms and greenery (the excess unused parts of your bouquet). Remind them one week before about the loose blooms just to confirm that they should be delivered with your bouquet (perhaps in a Ziploc bag) for maximum freshness before your photographer arrives. 

2. Make a point to inform your photographer of your wedding color scheme. This allows them to come prepared with ribbon, stamps, and other extras that will compliment YOUR colors!

3. Collect all your details into a small two handle bag (a perfect way to reuse a cute bridal shower bag). This makes the morning of super simple for you AND your photographer. He or she can walk right in, greet you with the biggest hug, check in with you and your bridesmaids and then be on their way with your details in tow!

4. Pack two extra sets of invitations. We like to use the fronts and backs so we need to be sure we have enough to do that in one shot!

5. Want to splurge a bit? Invest in a Mrs. Box that coordinates with your wedding colors. These delicate velvet ring boxes are a perfect heirloom piece that can be passed down to the next generation. Want something personalized? They have that option as well!

6. Be sure to let your photographer know about any special/sentimental items in your details bag. This could include your old, new, borrowed and blue items. Any time of heirloom piece that has been handed down to you or simply an item you don’t want them to forget to get a photo of!


February 6, 2019

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