Friday’s Favorites : Vol 4

We missed last week’s entry but we are back with 10 favorites from this last week! A little Hint, Grayson added a few favorites of his own at the end!
  1. Scooby Snacks
  2. Target Pillow Inserts – I use this itty bitty pillow at night. The comfiest thing I’ve ever laid my head on! NO SHAME!
  3. Homemade Lasagna – Last night we had lasagna and I forgot how much I love it! It was a favorite of mine growing up but I don’t make it as much as I should…
  4. Littles learning to talk – Grayson is at the age that he will attempt to say just about anything! Our current favorite, “That’s good”.
  5. Our church’s new home – My childhood turned adulthood church used to be located about 25 minutes from “town”, way out in the country. This last week we were blessed to worship in our new building IN TOWN!
  6. Gilmore Girl Reruns – I started rewatching these from the beginning last week and I so wish new episodes were still airing. I’m hoping for a 2nd round of their Netflix special!


Grayson’s Favorites

7. Shooting – This little more is crazy about basketball. He loves when daddy gets            home because they spend the evening shooting hoops in his room!

8. Eating – Not kidding, Grayson is a bottomless pit. He could sit in his highchair              eating all day!

9. Tug of War – He and our pup, Samson, love dragging each other across the living        room!

10. Staying up past bedtime – We have been having a time getting him to stay in his        bed once we put him down! But you can’t be mad when you walk in to find him in            his bed reading a book….in the dark! Bless his heart!



February 8, 2019

Friday's Favorites, Series

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