We are back with this week’s joy-filled favorites! 

  1. Galentines– This year I decided to gift my #akbrides with a little Starbucks treat! I so enjoy getting to love on them when they least expect it! I think it was a sweet surprise for some deserving women!!
  2. 50 Degree Weather – Yesterday Grayson and I were able to spend some time outside! It made me extremely ready for Spring. Unfortunately, they are calling for more wintery mix this weekend.
  3. Sweatshirts – Matthew loves to poke fun at my obsession with sweatshirts, but seriously… is there anything cozier? Working from home, I live in them for the most part. When I have to actually get ready, its a sad day!
  4. Pepsi – It’s like this momma’s guilty pleasure! While coffee might be every other 20 something’s drink of choice, mine is NOT! I always thought it would be cute to order a cute cup of coffee and look cool but I just can’t get into it!
  5. Carmel Cadbury Eggs – My sweet mom had to take me to work today and stopped and bought us each one of these amazing treats. Left it on the desk during 4th hour and someone stole it… so I’ll be sitting here dreaming about its goodness all day!


I hope you all have had a great week full of joy and happiness.


Lots of love,


February 15, 2019

Friday's Favorites, Series

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