Friday’s Favorites : Vol. 6


Wowzers… its been awhile! After a crazy hectic few weeks, we are back with some awesome new favorites for this week!


  1. The Ovia Pregnancy App – If you missed it, we are expecting! We are beyond blessed to get to make this journey a second time. I love being able to check on the progression of our little one growing thanks to this app. Today we are 10 weeks and 2 days! Getting close to the end of the first trimester and I think it’s safe to say that this pregnancy is seeming to go much slower!
  2. Wedding Season – Tonight we travel to Wayland, MO for our first wedding of the spring! YAY!
  3. Tic Tac Gum – This pregnancy has proven to be a little more difficult as far as nausea goes. Tic Tac Gum has helped fend it off. I carry it with me everywhere and Grayson is even starting to ask for it!
  4. Styled Shootouts – As if you haven’t seen me gushing about it enough, Wednesday I had the chance to participate in a shootout with 8 other photographers and a countless number of awesome wedding vendors. Check out our BLOG with some of the images!
  5. Chick-Fil-A – Do I even need to explain myself? Obviously not! I’m an addict…thats all there is to it. And we are traveling tonight which means CFA for DIN!! YAY!

April 5, 2019

Friday's Favorites, Series

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