Caleb & Kyndal | A Classic Southeast Missouri Wedding

Saturday I walked into my college church home ready to take on the day with Kyndal and Caleb. Kyndal ushered me into the room where her dress was and I instantly knew that the day was going to be perfect. Kyndal’s choice of dress truly made me question my own wedding gown. This thing was beyond gorgeous, timeless, and downright chic!

As the girls got ready they chatted about how much Caleb was going to love her wedding day look and how it fit her so perfectly. The whole day did, honestly. Simple and classic yet statement making! The girls’ hot pink peonies helped with that!

What I loved most about the day wasn’t the gorgeous dress or the pretty details, It was Caleb and Kyndal’s heart for the guests they had invited. When I asked Caleb how he was feeling, he wasn’t at all concerned with nerves about seeing Kyndal, but towards making a point to greet everyone and truly thank them for celebrating the day. How sweet is that?!

Since the wedding, I have loved seeing the couple’s mothers talk about how big a blessing it has been to see these two meet, fall in love, and choose to honor God in marriage. You can see the pride they have in their children. It has been a joy to serve them and their families through this season.

Now, Caleb and Kyndal are off honeymooning in the Cancun sun! Continue celebrating with them today by scrolling through and reliving their wedding day right here on the blog!

June 4, 2019


  1. Leslie Bolen says:

    Alaina, you did such a FABULOUS job! We just love all these pics, you captured so much. Thank you so much for all your hard work, you’ve made us all so happy! 💕

  2. Lori Strickland says:

    These are all so beautiful Alaina! You have such a God-given talent! Thank you for blessing our families with these photos and the memories of such a special day!

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