Brendan & Sydney | A Northern Missouri Church Wedding

Sydney and Brendan were married this last weekend in northern Missouri. It was only four months ago that we were up in Wayland for Ashton and Trevor’s wedding day! It’s hard to believe that the Luttrull family has now married off their only two daughters! This sweet family has become one that I cherish for so many reasons. Their traditional take on a wedding day and their ability to create a beautifully Christ-centered ceremony (actually the entire day) is a breath of fresh air.

Not unlike Ashton’s day, Sydney was ahead of schedule the entire day! We were so blessed by a gorgeous day with a decent breeze and plenty of shade at a family friend’s property where we took the majority of the couples and bridal party’s portraits.

It was evident throughout the day that these two only had eyes for one another. Lots of hugs, quick kisses and serving each other made for beautifully natural images that have become some of my favorites!

I was so thankful to have my mom travel with me this weekend and assist. As my belly grows, the 8+ hour days take a toll on my feet and back. I knew she would adore this family’s deep tradition of farming, family, and faith. Coming from a large family, I loved being able to capture a photo of the ENTIRE Luttrull family (30+) people all stemming from a couple who prays and prays and prays for their family. She may not want me to spill the beans but… my mom may have shed a few tears. As I said, this was the perfect day for her to join me!

The ceremony was completely God-honoring. As a believer, it makes me so happy to see couples joining together through marriage and making a point to keep Christ first and foremost. Brendan and Sydney chose to write their own vows. They perfectly aligned with the scripture and point each other straight to the Lord.

We ended the evening with toasts,  a delicious dinner, and incredibly full hearts!


Lots of love,


August 13, 2019


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