Tyler & Libby | A Sun-drenched Engagement in Southeast Missouri

As you might know, holidays tend to throw your week for a loop. So when I told Libby her blog post would be live Tuesday, that was my intention…. Until I realized that yesterday was Tuesday and I hadn’t prepped her session. With that being said, I am so sorry Libby! I’m a day late but your images are well worth it, I think.

Libby and Tyler have been together going on 11 years! And if that can translate to photographs I think it did. They were so relaxed, so playful, and so so so incredibly sweet!

When these two graduated, they had intentions of going to different schools. Tyler was going to play baseball at University of Tennesee @ Martin and Libby had enrolled in school at Murray State. Little did they know that a half-day in Martin was enough for Tyler to realize that wasn’t what he wanted! He moved to Murray and they continued their love story there! I mean, straight out of a movie, y’all!

When Libby contacted me about their wedding day and their need for a photographer I knew that she was going to make such an amazing AK Bride. I learned this weekend that I wasn’t wrong 😉 I’m so honored to be their photographer and get to do this season of life with them! They tie the knot in June of 2020 and I CAN NOT WAIT!

Enjoy of sundrenched photos from their Cape Girardeau, Missouri engagement session!

September 4, 2019


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