2019 MVTHS Homecoming Portraits

Saturday we hosted our 2nd annual portrait event for MVTHS Homecoming. Being from Mount Vernon, it’s always fun to see old {and new} faces, talk to parents and reminisce about the days when we flocked Cedarhurst’s property for massive amounts of photos! Oh to be ‘young’ again. HA!

When we started hosting events like this for MVTHS and other area high schools we saw a problem and wanted to be the ones to offer a solution in our area. Parents spend all day helping their children get ready for their big night. They primp and prepare only to be drug to the hot photo spots to snap photos all afternoon for their sons and daughters. While there is nothing wrong with that, I truly want parents to be able to enjoy the memories being made, just like the students. I don’t know how many parents come up to me during their child’s appointment and thank me for making this event so much easier on them and how much they love being able to put their phones/cameras up and enjoy the afternoon.

That, my friends, is why we do this. To give space for students and their parents to enjoy the day,  create beautiful images and ultimately serve our community.

We thank you all so much for supporting us over the last 3 dance seasons and hope to see you all for Sweetheart in February! 

October 9, 2019


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