3 Planning Tips to Keep Your Wedding On Budget

Keeping Your Wedding On Budget, Wedding WednesdayAs a past bride, I know just how stressful planning a wedding can be. There are so many Pinterest boards and bridal magazines that give you lofty dreams and, at times, unrealistic expectations. But guess what… all those boards and inspirational articles are typically created with images from FAKE weddings! It’s hardly likely that my midwest bride (and her family) can afford those elaborate floral designs, 10 tiered wedding cakes, and a dress right off the New York bridal runways. I know I couldn’t. As a bride and a wedding photographer with 7 years of industry experience, trust me when I say that it is OKAY!

I’ve narrowed my tips down to 3 on how to keep your wedding within budget without sacrificing style, personality, and memories!

Splurge on a beautiful (real) Bridal Bouquet:

If you choose to do the bridesmaids and table decor with silk flowers that is perfectly fine! Spend a little extra to make sure your bridal bouquet is perfectly you! Use that as a design springboard for the rest of your day! staying within your wedding budget

Don’t use your entire budget on trendy things:

You and your guests probably don’t need the popcorn bar AND the late-nights’ mores station! Just like you don’t need the glittery Keds. (Fun fact, I bought my wedding day sandals at Cracker Barrel! HA!)  If you can afford to add extra touches, that is great. But if you are looking to stay within a certain budget don’t fuss over too many trends! Plus, how many times have we seen our parents’ wedding photos and asked, “what on earth were you thinking?” and their response was “That’s what was in style at the time.”? I think you, ultimately, will appreciate classic style with hints of modern trends! staying within your wedding budget

Shop your home for personal touches: 

My favorite party about weddings are the personal touches a couple chooses. This comes in many different forms, i.e. custom cake tops, handwritten vows. I love it the most when a couple uses items that have sentimental value to them and their families. This can literally be anything. The chairs at the sweetheart table could be the chairs from your grandma’s dinner table, where you have lunch every Sunday. It could be decorating the ceremony with gorgeous ferns that your momma has cared for all summer. If your dad or grandaddy are builders/makers, maybe try commemorating them by using one of their creations in a unique way! The possibilities are endless, cost absolutely $0 and can create a powerful statement!
staying within your wedding budget

I hope these little bits of info help make your planning even the tiniest bit easier! Check back often for more helpful hints!


Happy Planning,


January 8, 2020

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