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Productivity After Falling Off the Wagon

Productivity After Falling Off the Wagon

Ever have lofty goals or visions for a season and then life happens? Yeah, Me too!

Coming out of 2019, I had big plans for 2020. Catching up on some blogging from the fall after having our second son, launching a few new projects, and maybe, just maybe, giving my brand an overhaul.

Then the year started and before I knew it, It was March. So many things that I wanted done had slipped through my fingers. Next was COVID-19 and early on that looked like my husband moving to remote work for his job and then ultimately led to the dissolving of his position at the company he had worked for 3 years. While we have so enjoyed having Matthew home, we also find it extra easy to linger in bed longer and stop work for more movie watching or adventure going! I found myself scrolling social media endlessly but not having the desire to share content or even my day to day life.

Most recently, my husband and I actually contracted the virus and have been working towards kicking the nasty thing! This thing is NO JOKE! Thankfully we have been able to self isolate and not need any medical intervention. It’s been even harder since our oldest has stayed healthy and energetic. But we are improving and that makes us really happy and thankful!

How do you move forward?

I think its easiest for me to just dive back in!

Today, after 12 days of not feeling well, I was finally able to get cross off a few things on my to-do list! Praise the LORD!

Now with complete health on the horizon, I’m motivated more than ever to make the next 5 months productive! I have some awesome plans in the works and some exciting news to share {hopefully} soon! I’m extra excited to get my creative juices flowing and work towards some serious goals I have for myself!

So tell me… what is on your vision board for 2020? What steps are you taking to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!?

August 12, 2020

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