Vince + Ciara
A World Shooting Complex Wedding

This summer has been one full of rain-filled forecasts but lucky for these two, we were able to steer clear of any major weather events. We were even able to make their outdoor ceremony happen!

At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, in the past (before her engagement to Vince), Ciara was always a bride I hoped I would get to serve someday. So when they announced their engagement I knew I had to take a shot and reach out to her.

To my surprise, Ciara took a meeting with me and we chatted about how I could serve her and Vince through this special season of life!

Even more surprising, they decided to book me and we created some magic this weekend!

When I say these two were a dream I mean it! Ciara was the sweetest bride and her groom…while he hated taking photos, he knew how important it was to his bride to get as many as possible!  I was so thankful for his playful resistance but ultimate cooperation! I think he would agree that it was worth the time spent!

Ciara and Vince’s wedding day was full of special moments. From their most loved friends and family standing by their side, to the first dance with Ciara’s WHOLE family and Vince’s dad taking over halfway through his mother/con dance to his parents’ wedding song. I was close to tears during most of the reception.

I hope this photo journal finds the new Mr. + Mrs. Kiefer in beautiful St. Lucia. And that they have the most magical first week as husband and wife!


Vince tried to steal a few peaks as Ciara was walking up for their first look, we all had a good laugh!

There were over 20 people in this wedding party and it was still the smoothest day!

I think I had some seasoned veterans to thank for that!

Ciara arranged the floral pieces for the day, very impressed!

An absolute vision!

As I said, I think Vince will agree that these beautiful portraits were worth the evening humidity!

Ciara insisted that Vince stop at one more portrait location… I couldn’t help but agree!

Que the tears!

September 7, 2021


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