Becca + Ryan | Piazza Messina Wedding

Saturday the mid-west and east coast collided in the marriage of St. Louis native and her New Jersey man! If I could describe Becca and Ryan’s Piazza Messina wedding day in one word it would be, FUN! I know that sounds cliche, but these two are so much fun together. Their joy together is unmatched, it makes time with them so sweet. 

If I told them once, I told them a million times, their wedding party came for a good time and were the best hype crew I have ever seen! The bridesmaids waited on sweet Becca and her heavy dress ALL DAY LONG! Ryan’s men can in clutch with every funny story, the perfect amount to razzing and lots of laughs to keep the day light. 

Adding to the great time were Becca and Ryan’s Morkie (maltese + yorkshire terrier) fur babies, Rocky and Sender! They got to be at the first look with mom and dad. They walked down the aisle with the wedding party. And they entertained during cocktail hour! What a day for them! 

By now, most people know how much I love a lively reception. This one was just that. No one left the dance floor aside from grabbing a drink! 

I loved my time with the Wilz and their families. Now, I am anxiously awaiting the photos from their Greek Island Cruise!



June 8, 2022


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