Jaxon + Briannah
A Fairfield Warehouse Wedding

I’ve started typing an intro to this {extra long} blog at least three times. Each time I feel like my words aren’t doing this day justice. To be honest, I left this day on a sweet type of high. The most special couple, less-than-ideal weather that pushed my mind in the creative department, and the presence of the Lord through the entire day had me feeling some type of way.

First, Briannah and Jaxon… an absolute dream couple in general but also the epitome of why I do what I do. Their hearts for the Lord which could be seen in their love for each other was the most precious thing to experience. On top of that, They trusted my judgment and vision which is always refreshing.

I’m starting to think the rain follows my wedding lineup. Which normally I would dread. But here lately, I’ve wanted to embrace the chance to think and work outside of the box. Saturday was so welcomed, and the challenge was accepted.

When I arrived at the bridal suite at the Loft, Briannah and her momma showed me the most amazing antique blue velvet couch. I instantly began thinking of ways to use it. (Briannah, I still think we need to get this thing out in a field at sunset!) You’ll see sightings of it all throughout their blog and we think you’ll be obsessed too!

My favorite moment from the whole wedding was this sweet unscripted interaction between Jaxon and Briannah. The song Dancing Queen had begun playing during the reception. The guests had circled around the bride and were singing to her. She embraced the gesture and swayed around to the music alone for a second. Then she invited her groom to join her in the center. He jumped in and twirled his new wife all-round showing her off. The guests may not have noticed the way he gazed at her or seen the sweet giggles they shared on the dance floor but I did. I caught myself smiling ear to ear behind the camera. Truly, I am so honored to be able to capture those small fleeting moments. I hope that when they see those photos they remember the feeling as if it was happening in real-time.

Like I said earlier, this one is a long one. Probably too long, but I couldn’t possibly narrow down my favorites anymore!



October 5, 2021


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