2021 Superlatives

Wow! 2021 was truly the highlight of my career. Fifteen couples that valued me and the other vendors and more importantly, valued marriage! I spent the good part of the year celebrating these amazing people and I feel so honored to have done so!

Below I’m sharing a fun list of 2021 superlatives!

Best First Kiss  // Briannah & Jaxon

This day was beyond amazing with perfect styling, a gorgeous velvet couch, and the most classic bridal gown. But Jaxon stole the show when he dipped Briannah into the most romantic first kiss!

Check out more of their day here!

Most Non-Traditional Portraits // Maleah & Chris

This November wedding was just what my heart needed! An outdoor ceremony with lots of sunshine and the portraits to match! While the sunset was showing off, I took the risk of asking Maleah if she would care to SIT on the GROUND in her wedding gown! I had seen some tall grasses that were begging to be used but the sun would have caused too much haze…so sitting was truly the only option. Maleah was such a trooper and agreed. It may have been the best idea I had all wedding season because these portraits are totally wall-worthy !

I’ll share some more from their day too and their blog post is coming VERY soon!


Biggest Personalities // Abbie & Garrett

When I say big personalities, I am mostly talking about Garrett! This guy is hilarious, makes everyone feel like part of the party, and more importantly makes sure everyone knows just how special his beautiful bride is! My favorite part of the day was during the first look when he said “Wow, Abbie. You look amazing” Be still my heart!

Their entire blog will be posted in the new year!

Most Unique Inspiration //  Brandon & Avery

This wedding day was inspired largely by a favorite pastime of the couple: baseball. While Brandon and Avery’s house may be divided (team STL + CHICAGO) they 100% agreed that a nod to their joint passion was necessary for their nuptials.

See more of the baseball-inspired wedding here!

Most Epic Bridal Look

You guys, I’m not normally all about surprising people with big secret reveals. But when I saw this gown tucked away from the bridesmaids… I knew that it wouldn’t fall flat. The sleeves, the glitter, and the hair and make-up that perfectly complimented the gown were all just STUNNING (chef’s kiss)

Add a beautiful bride and you get the most epic bridal look! Completely FLAWLESS!


We’ll be sharing more of this winter wedding in 2022!


Most Likely to Dance in the Rain// Michael & Makenzie

This June wedding endured the most rain I’ve ever seen at a wedding. High winds, lost power and a delayed timeline didn’t stop us from celebrating in the biggest way! Classic portraits and a sweet ceremony made this day so so special.


See more of Michael and Makenzie’s wedding here!


Most Unique Style // Adam & McKenzie

An elegant bridal style mixed with a relaxed western feel created a beautiful combo for this May wedding. Adam and McKenzie’s wedding day wasn’t short of hiccups…they actually said “I Do” while soft rain fell.

Experience their day here!

Most Portrait Variety // Matthew & Nicole

Nicole and Matthew have the sweetest way with each other. It’s natural, calm, and fun. This makes for the easiest job and extra freedom as you work. Their venue had so much space that I could be creative in the way I used it! These portraits are still some of my absolute favorites!

This was also the wedding where I fell in love with the R6!

See these and more here!

Most Versatile Venue // Jake & McKenzie

I am always so excited to visit A Fair Barn, Jake and McKenzie’s reception venue! A classic barn venue with twists that allow outdoor dinner and dancing, we always have so many options for portraits!

Want to see more? View their day here!


Best First Look Reaction // Aaron + Cassy

I connect with Cassy in a unique way because she too owns a small business. And with a successful business comes a significant other cheering you on and supporting your dreams. That’s exactly what Aaron is to Cassy…her biggest cheerleader. So it was no surprise when Aaron was speechless during their first look. I love the images of him taking in all her beauty!

See more here!


Most Laid-back Couple // Skylar & Brittanie

This couple had been planning a larger soiree but decided that their time + resources were better spent in a small ceremony and reception and beach vacation! I loved how the importance of Christ in marriage was so evident during their day!

Check out their nuptials here!


Most Creative Portrait Location // Darl & Bryn

My go-to cookie girl had the sweetest wedding on a MONDAY! She and Darl shared during their vows that they fell in love chasing sunsets…so what better way to capture their love than doing the same! We took a little walk to catch the sun as it slipped into the horizon and I think they are perfection!

Darl & Bryn’s day can be seen here!

Most Welcoming Family // Max & Dani

My husband and my children attended their engagement session and Dani and Max were so sweet to my boys!

Once their wedding came around, Max’s first words to me were “where are your littles?” It made me feel so at home!

Hudson even made an appearance at the reception and one of the guests snapped a photo of him and me on the dance floor! How special!

More gorgeousness from their wedding will be available in 2022!

Most Unique Color Combos // Myles & Linzie

When I heard the color combos for this wedding, I knew my color-loving heart was going to be in heaven! Linzie didn’t disappoint! The rust mixed with brighter and bolder florals was the perfect marriage of style!

See their day here!


Biggest Wedding Party // Vince & Ciara

Wowzers! 29 members of the wedding party not including the bride and groom! Thankfully, they were all seasoned vets when it came to wedding party activities! It was such a fun day with all of them!

Check out their September wedding here!


Most Intimate Ceremony // Derek & Kate

This backyard wedding was so intimate! Their closest friends and family were there to celebrate these two becoming one!

Check out more of their day here!

Best Seasonal Wedding // Matt & Lacie
You never know exactly which direction a couple will go for their big day! To my delight, Lacie and Matt embraced the late November day and went full Christmas! With the bold red florals, velvet bridesmaids’ dress, and Christmas trees galore, this day was a winter wonderland!







December 28, 2021


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